Gold Elliptical Orbit Earrings

‘Like a long game of chess or a series of unsuccessful dice rolls, the atmosphere in the room was stagnant, or, perhaps, morose. The crowd wanted action, but all they were given were words. They demanded bread, but were thrown scraps of cheese. In the end, they stood opposite each other and began to chant a sad old song, sending their voices and their desires out into the night like black doves.’  The Urban Mythology Collection.

The Elliptical Earrings are fine irregular shaped flat hoops framed with a stone sphere.  A By Nye classic that has been turned to gold for the ‘Urban Mythology’ Collection. Available in both Sterling Silver and 23ct Gold Plated Solid Sterling Silver and 4 stone variations.  All Gold Plated pieces are made with a Sterling Silver base.

Please note: all pieces are made to order and this piece will be shipped by the 14th of July.  We’re sorry about the delay, but we promise it’s worth the wait.


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Every By Nye piece is hand-made in the depths of Melbourne. Items are made to order and, as such, they may vary slightly to that pictured.  It just means that your piece is one of a kind.